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Like many things in life, IVF treatment offers no guarantees. While it holds the potential to fulfil dreams of parenthood, unsuccessful IVF cycles certainly occur and can lead to considerable disappointment. If that’s your situation, you may be left searching for answers. The collective experience and expertise of our specialist team means we are well-placed to identify the options still available to you, given your fertility journey thus far.

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Our approach to IVF ‘veterans’

Firstly, we listen. We dedicate the time to hearing about what you have tried to date and diligently apply ourselves to find any medical (or other) factor that may have prevented success. We also strive to understand your current circumstances from every angle – physical, emotional and financial.

We then use this knowledge to guide your care. If we identify any specific factors that may have prevented success, we will address these factors where possible, before initiating any further fertility treatment. We will carefully consider your personal situation and preferences, and adapt your fertility plan accordingly.

We will also offer you realistic hope as you look to continue this journey. It is natural to feel defeated following one or more unsuccessful IVF cycles. If you have a realistic chance of success, we will communicate this hope to you, while always remaining respectful of your own choices.


What makes us different?

We established Newlife IVF with the aim of providing the highest standard of fertility care, as well as a genuinely caring and supportive environment for patients journeying to conception. With this in mind, some of the ways our practice differs from other IVF providers includes:

1. We consistently employ advanced scientific tools and techniques, as part of our standard practice

Throughout every step of the IVF process, we adopt the tools and techniques that reflect best scientific practice. Our laboratory maintains the very highest standards of quality assurance and control, and is supported by a team of scientists committed to treating every egg, sperm and embryo with the utmost care and respect.

2. We take the time to ‘complete the cycle’

By employing specific tools and techniques throughout the IVF process, we are well-placed (and take the time) to identify why an IVF cycle was not successful – we call this ‘completing the cycle’. We then use this knowledge to inform your future care. Consequently, if your cycle is not successful, we will take the time to meet with you, outline any factors that may have precluded success this time, and discuss how this information will change our approach next time.

3. We offer genuine care and support

Fertility treatment can take a toll, especially when success isn’t immediate – that’s why we’re not only invested in your outcome, but your experience as you journey with us. Ultimately, we have designed our practice around your needs, with the aim of making the process as simple and as convenient as possible. You can also expect compassion, warmth and kindness from every team member you encounter along the way. This includes our class-leading counsellors, who you are welcome to book in with at any point throughout your time with us.


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