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fertility treatment fees

Newlife IVF is committed to affordable fees, in line with our belief that fertility treatments, including IVF, should be reasonably priced and accessible to all. Our fee structure is transparent and is designed to make fertility care more affordable for more Victorians. Our patient finance manager will take the time to explain all treatment costs to you before you proceed with IVF or any other fertility treatment.

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IVF treatment cycle cost

Please see the table below for the fees associated with different IVF treatment cycles. Our fees are based on a patient having already reached the Medicare Safety Net prior to commencing treatment. Additional charges may apply for medications, hospital day admissions and anaesthetists. For more information about IVF, please see our IVF treatment page.

Treatment cycle Estimated out-of-pocket costs (once Medicare rebate applied)*
Standard IVF cycle (first cycle) $4,580.75
Standard IVF cycle (subsequent cycle within the same calendar year) $3,900.25
IVF + ICSI (first cycle) $5,056.00
IVF + ICSI (subsequent cycle within the same calendar year) $4,375.50
Frozen embryo transfer cycle $1,560.70
Pre-implantation genetic testing (PGT) $780.00 per embryo*
EmbryoScope time-lapse system Standard practice; no additional cost
Freezing excess embryos during egg collection (including the first six months of storage) No additional cost
Doctor fees during egg collection and embryo transfer No additional cost
EmbryoGlue Standard practice; no additional cost
Egg spindle visualisation Standard practice for ICSI; no additional cost
*Fees correct as of 1 January 2024; reduced rates may apply for PGT-M and -SR depending on eligibility (in line with new Medicare rebates effective 1 November 2021), as well as number of embryos tested. For PGT pricing specific to your circumstances, please contact us.
  • What do our treatment cycle fees include?

    Our treatment cycle fees cover all parts of the IVF treatment cycle, including:

    • Access to our dedicated team of professionals – both clinical and non-clinical – to assist and support you throughout the entire treatment cycle
    • Extensive education on the treatment process and how to administer any medications required during the course of your cycle by Newlife’s specialist nursing team
    • All mandatory counselling (with a professional IVF counsellor)
    • All blood tests and ultrasound scans requested throughout your treatment cycle
    • All laboratory and scientific work
    • Phone calls from our embryologists to update you on the status of your eggs and embryos
    • Access to advanced scientific techniques as part of our standard pricing, including the EmbryoScope time-lapse system, sequential media and EmbryoGlue to aid the growth, selection and transfer of embryos throughout the IVF process, as well as egg spindle visualisation for ICSI
    • Egg collection and embryo transfer procedures performed by a Newlife IVF specialist
    • Vitrification (freezing) of embryos and first 6 months’ storage
    • The assistance of our patient support team to ensure you meet the requirements for IVF treatment and receive any rebates you are entitled to from Medicare in a timely manner.
  • Payment options

    Following your decision to commence treatment, a member of our patient finance team will contact you and walk you through the payment process, including how to receive any rebates you are entitled to from Medicare.

    Fees can be paid to Newlife IVF by credit card or BPAY.

  • Other costs


    You will need to take certain medications during the course of your IVF treatment. All medications must be dispensed by a pharmacist and collected from the pharmacy directly.

    If you are eligible for a Medicare rebate for your treatment cycle, you will have to pay a co-payment per prescription. Newlife IVF medications are dispensed exclusively by Slade Pharmacy, who will charge $42.50 per prescription medication (price correct as of 1 Jan 2022). Typically, 4–5 prescription medications are required for an IVF or ICSI cycle and 0–2 prescription medications for a frozen embryo transfer cycle (so total medication cost is usually between $200–$400).  Please be aware that more prescriptions are sometimes required.

    For those patients paying for their treatment privately, all medications will need to be paid for in full.  The pharmacy will inform you of the amount you need to pay per prescription.

    Day surgery admissions and anaesthetist

    All IVF-related procedures (e.g. egg collection, embryo transfer, testicular biopsy for sperm extraction) are performed in our on-site day surgery operated by Epworth Eastern. Egg collection procedures require an anaesthetic and, therefore, an anaesthetist.

    If you have gold tier private health insurance, your insurer will cover the day admission and anaesthetist fees. Prior to starting IVF treatment, it is a good idea to check whether you are required to pay an annual excess or co-payment for any hospital day admissions.

    The codes for these procedures, as required by your health fund, are:

    • Egg collection – Item 13212
    • Embryo transfer – Item 13215


    If you do not have private health insurance, you will need to pay in full on the day of the procedure:

    • Egg collection day admission fee: $1,210 (payable to Epworth Eastern Hospital; if you have Private Health Insurance, you may have an excess or co-payment payable)
    • Egg collection anaesthetist fee: $365 (invoice will be sent to you and may be claimable through Private Health Insurance)
    • Embryo transfer day admission fee: $390 (payable to Epworth Eastern Hospital; if you have Private Health Insurance, you may have an excess or co-payment payable)


    Please note, day admission fees are not covered by Medicare.

    You can find out more about private health insurance tiers here.

  • Medicare rebate

    Medicare provides assistance to Australian residents undergoing fertility treatment.

    At Newlife IVF, you will need to pay your treatment cycle in full. Once the cycle is completed, a receipt is sent to Medicare, so the appropriate rebate can be processed. The full cost of the treatment cycle less the Medicare rebate represents your final ‘out-of-pocket’ cost.

    At Newlife IVF, your claim will be submitted to Medicare online once you have completed your treatment cycle. You will need to ensure that your bank account details are registered with Medicare in order for your rebate to be deposited into your nominated bank account.

    Medicare Safety Net

    Since the Medicare Safety Net program was introduced, patients’ out-of-pocket costs for IVF are much lower, making treatment more accessible for many couples. Our estimated out-of-pocket costs are based on patients having already reached the Medicare Safety Net threshold for that calendar year.  The Safety Net is an additional rebate that Medicare pays once you have incurred a set amount of medical expenses in a calendar year (in 2019, this amount is set at $2,133). It is important to note that the Safety Net is capped for all assisted reproductive technology (ART) services. Therefore, there is a limit on the Medicare Safety Net rebate you can receive.

    Not all patients are automatically registered for the Safety Net Threshold. If you are the only person listed on your Medicare card, you are automatically registered. However, if you are a couple or family, you will need to formally register with Medicare for the Safety Net. You can check your registration status online at or by contacting Medicare on 132 011.

    Referral options

    In order for patients to receive a rebate from Medicare for their IVF treatment cycle, patients must have a valid referral from the day their treatment cycle begins until it ends. Therefore, we encourage patients to obtain a referral from their GP, as these referrals are valid for 12 months. Your GP can also give you an indefinite referral, which has no expiry date. If your referral is from a specialist (rather than a GP), it will only be valid for 3 months.

Fees for other fertility services

Please see the table below for the fees associated with other fertility services we offer, including egg freezing and semen analysis. Additional charges may apply for medications, hospital day admissions and anaesthetists, if required. For detailed information about these services, please visit our treatments page.

Fertility service Estimated out-of-pocket costs (once Medicare rebate applied)*
Medical intrauterine insemination $1,160.45
Elective intrauterine insemination $1,910.00
Medical egg freezing (first cycle) $3,695.75
Medical egg freezing (subsequent cycle within the same calendar year) $3,015.25
Elective egg freezing $4,485.00 (no Medicare rebate)
Sperm collection and freezing (including first 6 months' storage) $515.00 (no Medicare rebate)
Ongoing storage of frozen eggs, sperm or embryos $270.00 per 6 months
Vitrified oocyte thaw (VOT) cycle $5,495.70
*Fees correct as of 1 January 2024

Fees for semen analysis

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