Newlife IVF Accreditations: RTAC certified, Climate Active


We hold our organisation to high standards

As we continue to push the boundaries of scientific excellence and high-quality fertility care, we are committed to investing in partnerships that reflect Newlife IVF’s values and enhance our patient-centric approach to fertility treatment.

Reproductive Technology Accreditation Committee (RTAC) certified

Committed to best scientific practice

As an accredited RTAC organisation, Newlife IVF provides best-practice, patient-centred care for individuals and couples who require fertility treatment. Our assisted reproductive technology (ART) services meet the highest standards of care under the Fertility Society of Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) Code of Practice. We prioritise continuous improvement in the quality of care offered to our patients while ensuring equitable access to the latest scientific tools and techniques. Our clinical treatments, patient management services, laboratory procedures and quality management systems continue to adhere to the RTAC’s certification criteria, in addition to independent audits.

CPG RTAC Accreditation

Climate Active organisation

Change happens when we all play our part

We’re committed to creating a brighter and more sustainable world for our patients and their future children – which is why we’ve implemented a climate change action plan that reduces our carbon footprint and addresses climate change.

Newlife IVF has been certified carbon-neutral under the Australian Climate Active initiative for our business operations. This means that we’ve calculated our carbon emissions and have taken action to remove the equivalent amount of carbon that our business produces from the earth’s atmosphere. We’ve introduced a recycling program to limit our waste and, in doing so, have become a 95% paperless business. We also opt for reusable and environmentally friendly products whenever possible while sourcing as many materials as we can from Climate Active certified suppliers. As part of our climate change action plan, we endeavour to measure, reduce and offset carbon emissions that contribute to global warming, with ambitions of further reducing our carbon footprint year after year.

Climate Active Accreditation Logo

RACGP CPD education provider

Development and delivery of accredited CPD activities

Newlife IVF is an accredited education provider with the RACGP CPD Program. As an approved continuing professional development (CPD) provider, we have met the standards of the RACGP program and are recognised for the quality education and training we offer general practitioners (GPs). Our Supper Club education seminars provide CPD activities and learning opportunities to assist GPs in meeting their requirements.

RACGP CPD Provider