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Fertility optimisation

There are a number of diet and lifestyle factors that can affect your fertility. We can help you identify ways you can improve your fertility just by changing some of your usual routines and habits. In some cases, this may be all that’s required to help you conceive.

Is something wrong with us?

When individuals and couples are struggling to conceive, they often assume that something is drastically wrong – that one or other of them has a condition that is preventing them from falling pregnant. However, the way we live can also have a huge impact on how fertile we are. This includes what we eat and drink, how much weight we are carrying, how much exercise we do, and whether we smoke. Making small changes in how we live our daily lives can sometimes have a profound effect on our ability to conceive.

We’ll guide you through the steps you can take to optimise your fertility

As part of your initial fertility assessment, we will look at a range of diet and lifestyle factors to see if some of your daily routines and habits could be contributing to your fertility issues. We will then provide specific advice on what changes you and your partner can make to optimise your fertility and increase your chances of falling pregnant naturally.

For more information on how diet and other lifestyle factors can affect your fertility, read this article from our knowledge hub.

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