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Donor embryos

Using donor embryos is a suitable option for those unable to use their own sperm and eggs. The embryos may be obtained from a known or unknown donor, and are used as part of the regular IVF process.

Who may need donor embryos

The use of donor embryos is an option for those who require both donor sperm and donor eggs.

Obtaining donor embryos

There are several ways you can obtain a donor embryo:

Known donor
Known donor

You may prefer to find a donor embryo from your own social circles, including acquaintances, family and friends who have excess embryos from previous IVF cycles. Letting people know about your fertility journey and asking those around you for help can feel scary, but you may be surprised at who is willing to consider donation.

Advertising for a donor embryo
Advertising for a donor embryo

Some people choose to obtain donor embryos by publishing an advertisement in an online forum or printed material. Prior to officially publishing an ad, it is a legal requirement to obtain approval by sending a copy of the advertisement to the Department of Human Services.

Through Newlife IVF
Through Newlife IVF

People undergoing IVF through Newlife IVF may have embryos they are willing to donate for the purposes of helping someone who is experiencing problems with fertility. If so, we will make these embryos available for those who need one. However, there can be a significant wait-list for this service.

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What happens once a donor embryo is obtained?

Once a donor embryo has been secured, the IVF process will proceed as it usually does. The donor embryo will be transferred into the woman’s womb, in the hope that it will result in a successful pregnancy.

Where can I find more information?

The information on this page is certainly not exhaustive, and we recommend that you refer to the information provided by the Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority (VARTA) to gain a more complete understanding of the issues pertaining to the use of donor embryos. If the use of donor embryos is a suitable option for you, our fertility specialists will also dedicate time to helping you navigate this process.

Becoming an embryo donor

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