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Learn about infertility, how you can improve fertility and understand when it’s time to seek help.


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Learn about the different options available to single women, heterosexual and same-sex couples.


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Find everything you need to get started in the one place if you and your Newlife fertility specialist have agreed that IVF is right for you.


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Learn about freezing your eggs, sperm or ovarian tissue.


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Clinician-owned and led
Clinician-owned and led

A practice that is fully owned and operated by clinicians – so it can put patients first.

Best scientific practice for all
Best scientific practice for all

Access to the latest, evidence-based tools and techniques – as our standard of care.

Genuine care and support
Genuine care and support

A team committed to supporting you throughout your entire fertility journey – from our family to yours.

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Treatments and services

Our fertility services

We offer comprehensive fertility care for individuals and couples, including:


What others call ‘optional extras’,
we call our standard of care

Our standard IVF process incorporates advanced scientific tools and techniques that other IVF providers do not offer or only offer for an additional cost.

We choose to offer these as standard – not just as optional extras for those that can afford to pay more – because we believe they represent current best practice in IVF and offer you the best possible chance of success. At present, this includes the use of the EmbryoScope time-lapse system, sequential media and EmbryoGlue to aid the development, selection and transfer of embryos during IVF. We also routinely use egg spindle visualisation for all ICSI procedures to help us assess whether an egg is in optimal condition for fertilisation. We do not think of these techniques as ‘add-ons’ but as our standard of care. As such, they are included in our normal cycle fees for IVF or ICSI and do not incur additional costs.

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