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Newlife IVF is Climate Active certified!

27 January 2023

Dr Tiki Osianlis

It’s no secret that we care about our patients at Newlife IVF. We’re also deeply committed to creating a brighter and more sustainable world for them and their future children to thrive in – which is why we’ve been working behind the scenes to take climate action and reduce our environmental impact.

Our efforts to implement sustainable business practices that reduce our carbon footprint have allowed us to become members of a community of progressive organisations known as the Climate Active network. This Australian initiative represents our nation’s collective effort to measure, reduce and offset carbon emissions that contribute to global warming.

What it means to be Climate Active

We’re serious about sustainability and addressing climate change – so much so that we’ve become a carbon-neutral organisation. This means that we’ve calculated our carbon emissions and have taken action to remove the equivalent amount of carbon that our business produces from the earth’s atmosphere. We’re also continuing to look for ways to reduce our carbon footprint even further.

Improvements we’ve made so far include introducing a recycling program to limit our waste. We’ve converted paper-based processes to digital workflows and, in doing so, have become a 95% paperless business. We also opt for reusable and environmentally friendly products whenever possible while sourcing as many materials as we can from Climate Active certified suppliers. Our electricity is now sourced from a carbon-neutral energy retailer, and we have also invested in Australian and international emission reduction projects.

To ensure that we remain accountable and on track, we’ve assigned ‘climate champions’ to each business department who are responsible for increasing environmental awareness and driving behavioural change in line with our sustainability goals. Collectively, these initiatives will help our business remain Climate Active, while also working towards our future ambitions of further reducing carbon emissions year after year.

How will these changes affect our fertility care?

They won’t! We may have developed a green thumb, but it’s business as usual, and Newlife IVF will continue to offer an exceptional standard of fertility care at an affordable price.

There is, however, a broader implication for our patients – this certification helps you identify brands and businesses working towards a bright and sustainable future. Therefore, you can choose to work with Climate Active organisations that are doing their part to support climate leadership and sustainable business practices.

Change happens when we all play our part, and we are proud of the efforts we have made so far to combat climate change.

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